Eurasian Assoсiasion Of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Евразийское Сообщество Детских Нейрохирургов

In the daily professional activities, doctors often encounter tasks for which he needs to use his experience and all his knowledge. The desire to constantly improve and move forward distinguishes a professional specialist. This specialist is aware of the need to constantly acquire new knowledge and practical skills. In the modern world of developing technologies, books and magazines are gradually giving way to electronic counterparts: video lessons, communication in specialized forums in the global network. Is not easy to find competent and reliable information. Therefore, nothing can replace a specialist with the format of live communication in a friendly professional environment, during which you can systematize existing knowledge, learn and ask questions of interest and get competent answers from experienced colleagues. At the same time, a huge amount of verified and reliable information.

The main idea of Eurasian association of pediatric neurosurgeons is the exchange of scientific and practical achievements, training in the field of pediatric neurosurgery, and establishing contacts between pediatric neurosurgeons around the world.

You can contact us:

Talabaev Mikle (Belarus)

+375 29 667 02 04

Olenbai Gabit (Kazakhstan)

+7701 755 28 68

Gorelyshev Sergey (Russia)

+7916 144 66 76